Saturday, November 9, 2013

ecological household cleaning

Have you ever ever wondered how many cleaning products you have at home you really need? Clean home with less chemicals and more environmentally friendly as well as being healthy can make us save a few euros .

It is common to have at home for at least one product for each room cleaning , material or type of furniture or floor. In many household cleaners are sufficient to allow an entire factory flawless . In fact, many of them do not need them .

Clean home with common sense

It is not just an environmental issue , in fact, many products that we use at home are abrasive , toxic , and in addition to dirty the environment , make the atmosphere at home is less healthy.

Especially if there are children at home, many parents are concerned about the use of these products , they may come into contact with toys , child clothing or even food or cooking utensils . Luckily, there are alternatives.

Organic products for household cleaning

If we want to maintain a clean home in a more sustainable and healthy we have two possibilities. In addition to the wide range of organic products on the market , unfortunately expensive, there are many tricks that can reduce the level of chemicals in household air .

    A damp cloth : all it takes for most home furniture .
    A sprayer with vinegar and warm water : a perfect degreasing and general household cleaner .
    Newsprint : with our general household cleaner , ideal for windows and glass.
    Baking soda : very effective to clean toilets and sinks home.
    Lemon: very practical in metals and household taps .

There are many tips and extra information for families on the website of the Office of the U.S. Environmental